The Spiritual Healer cured my back

I could feel my leg expanding. And afterwards it was no sticking in my back any more. I also feel a bit "slacker" in my neck. I could not do this earlier today - the woman says to the undersigned while she is squatted on the floor.


16 - Ringerikes Blad, March 20. 1992

November last year Kari from Hedalen went to the Spiritual Healer Halvard Nordfjaeran with her ill back.

I was bothered with backsliding but after the treatment by Nordfjaeran I have had no problems with my back, she says.

Ringerikes Blad was with the Healer on his job yesterday afternoon.

We are in room 220 in Hotel Ringerike. The room looks exactly like the other rooms in the hotel except of a treatment bench like those who are used by doctors and with physical treatments. Even though Halvard Nordfjaeran not has announced any working hours this time, many have arrived in his treatment room.

Different length of the legs

This afternoon it is only problems with back and hips he deals with. But he says he can cure several other problems too.

Different length of the feet's is a very usual reason why many people have problems with their back and hip. The biggest growing of a leg I have seen because of my treatment is 3,5 cm Nordfjaeran says.

The undersigned were present during two treatments. But I am not any wiser. It happened like this:

Spiritual Healing

Nordfjaeran starts with examining the length of the legs. The female patient lies down on the bench on her back, after having taken on a pair of shoes made of cloth and thin soles. It looks like he is measuring the length of the legs.

Right leg is 1.5 cm shorter than the left Nordfjaeran says to the woman. She confirms that a doctor has told her the same thing once before.

Then she sits down on a chair. The Spiritual Healer squats down, takes her ankles carefully and holds her feet straight out in the air. He holds her legs against each other while he looks after so that the patient is sitting quiet in to the backrest of the chair.

The undersigned squats down nearly one meter away from the feet's of the woman. From my point of view it is quiet right that it is around 1.5 cm difference between the feet's when the Spiritual Healer holds her legs against each other.

No physical power

Nordfjaeran sits completely concentrated, uses no physical power as far as undersigned can judge. After two minutes the soles of the feet's are parallel from my point of view. The woman says that she has not twisted herself on the chair or moved the legs.

I was completely relaxed and could not notice anything. I was from the beginning very sceptical to this kind of treatment.

15 minutes later the Spiritual Healer repeats the treatment while "Ringerikes Blad" is present. This time it is a woman who got her right leg lengthened with 1 cm.

I could feel my leg expanding. And afterwards it was no sticking in my back any more. I also feel a bit "slacker" in my neck. I could not do this earlier today - the woman says to the undersigned while she is squatted on the floor.

There was nobody who threw his or her crutches away yesterday. (Nobody of the patients used crutches). That happened when "Adresseavisen" from Trondheim attended with Peter, 26 years old, in the treatment by the Spiritual Healer.

But Kari from Hedalen tells that she has not had any problems with her back since she was treated by Nordfjaeran in November last year. She was also present yesterday.

It makes a great impression upon you when you can see that the legs become the same length. I was treated by a chiropractor because of backsliding, but it did not help. By Nordfjaeran I could feel that my foot became warm and a sort of pain in the lumber regions, Langbraaten says.

Two other women also maintain to "Ringerikes Blad" that they could see their legs get longer during the treatment by the Spiritual Healer. A woman who not had had different length of her feet told that she experienced a scorching heat through the feet during the treatment.

Halvard Nordfjaeran answer this on the question about why he can heal by laying on of hands:

-I am just a channel for a Healing power, God's power.

The Spiritual Healer maintains that it is ten years since he discovered this power in himself. Then he was working at a factory in Toensberg. He discovered this Healing-power when he held his hand over a painful spot on his own foot.

Nordfjaeran says that it is several months of waiting before you can get any treatment by him. And he has patients from all over the country. The treatment yesterday costs NOK 200, -.

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