The only way is operation the doctor told him

06 - Valdres-gluggen, 17. June 1988.

Thorleif from Kolbu:

The only way is operation the doctor told him.

You must operate your knees, so a doctor told me. But instead I went to Halvard Nordfjaeran in Bjoergo. I wasn't operated, but the problems are so much reduced, so I can manage live like this. So Thorleif says, 62 years old and from Kolbu.

Thorleif had so much bother with calcification in his knee, hip and shoulder for a long time. All because of several years of hard work. At first he came to Halvard Nordfjaeran with a shoulder, and he got some help. Then it was the feet.

I came to a doctor, who suggested x-ray-examination. The right knee had most problems. It was swollen and stiff, so I hardly could drive my car. The doctor told me that operation was the only solution.

I did not accept this. I got angry. With my good experience of Nordfjaeran I called him and made an appointment. During the spring 1986 I had altogether 19 treatments by Nordfjaeran. I had good progress and today I have only small bother with my feet. I have not been this good for a long time. I have for instance no problems driving car any longer. I have been quiet good in two years. I have got no other treatment on my knees and hip than that Nordfjaeran has given to me.

Later Thorleif got some pain in his right shoulder, that is why he last winter has been taking 12 treatments against this. His shoulder is now almost well again. But like a youth he will never be again.

I cannot say I understand what is going on. I have really not believed in this kind of things. But I believe in what I experience myself, although I am sceptical.

Thorleif says he don't want to insult the doctors:

But they had nothing else to offer me than operation. I also think that the examination I had on the hospital was rather arbitrary. I felt like I should not have my own opinion about my body.

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