I have healing hands.

02 - Allers, February 1983

He put his hands carefully on the woman's shoulder. I can feel something beneficial going through me, she says.
It lasts a few minutes. Halvard Nordfjaeran says he can cure illness. Three people will hereby tell you how he cured them.


Halvard Nordfjaeran, 25 years old, has Spiritual Healing as profession.

Healing by laying on of hands is an old notion. But is it true that some people are able to cure sickness buy laying on of hands?

Kari and Ole from Porsgrunn say yes. And so doe's Per, one of their friends. They say they all believe in him, He has made their lives much easier to live.

Halvard Nordfjaeran is receiving me himself at Ringshaug near by Tønsberg. He has rented a house here after he started working as a Spiritual Healer on a full time basis.

The news spreads around. People are coming. Often he works from 9 AM to 8 PM - only having a meal in the middle of the day and some training. He must take a run every day. It is very important to keep in good shape.

He is a tall, thin guy - 25 years old and he speaks low and slowly. When he speaks it seems as the words are well considered. He is rather shy.

His dialect tells me that he is from Troendelag - to be exact from Frosta in the northern part of Troendelag. Up to two years ago he did not know anything about his abilities to heal.

"A cousin to my mother told me how to stop bleeding and how to heal."


Petter Nistad, the cousin mentioned before, would not let his secret go with him into the grave. That's why Halvard was informed. He got surprised and astonished at the same time - even knowing that many strange things had happened with many of his relatives.

Halvard did nothing with his new knowledge at that time. One day he got a chance:

- I started bleeding from my nose - as many does from time to time - and then I thought lets see if I can manage stopping it. I did as I was told and the bleeding stopped immediately. Later I have stopped bleedings on other people in less than half a minute.
- What are you doing?
- That is a secret as I have told you before, and which I will pass on when my time comes


After the army Halvard started as a postman in Toensberg. Later he worked at Jarlsoe Factory - but the rumours about his abilities to heal spread quickly. Also among his working-companions.

- I first noticed this healing-ability last winter. I was jogging every day and then one morning I was almost unable to walk on one of my legs. I stroke it carefully and after a while the pain disappeared.

This really turned his attention to Spiritual Healing. He started to read about natural medicine. Some of his working-companions had problems with their back, neck and shoulders, but after some "treatments" by Halvard they felt better and lost their pain.

The news spread like a fire and he got plenty to do with "treatments." Some people came and some just called him.

- I remember specially one woman in Larvik, who was bleeding strongly in her sinus. She called me and I stopped her bleeding over the phone.
- Did you get afraid of this extraordinary you were able to do?
- No, only glad. It came as an acknowledgement of what Petter Nistad had told me.


Kari and Ole lives in Porsgrunn, Kari had a cerebral haemorrhage four years ago. After that her left side was paralysed. Her sight was bad and her throat was completely paralysed.

- It was an enormous suffering for me trying to swallow the food, she tells me. I was desperate. Then we heard about this man. We called him and he said we could come.

They went to Toensberg - and now after four "treatments" she has got her feeling in her throat back, no paralyses and she can swallow normally again. The eyesight has also got much better.

- I have no doubt about that Halvard Nordfjaeran is able to help many people.

Her husband agrees. He has often had pain in his back. Halvard Nordfjaeran treated him - and the pain has got weaker.

A friend of this couple - Per - is suffering of nervous protration. The doctors are not able to do much about this and his legs and arms are getting worse.

- After a visit in Toensberg I could notice a change in my body. It was just acting much better.
- And how much did you have to pay?
- Nothing - they said all three - but we felt like giving him some, so we gave him NOK 100,- by every visit. It is really worth that.


- I usually take a little money - Halvard Nordfjaeran says, without saying how much. I have no other job now and I have to live.

While I have been talking to Halvard he got visit of a woman who wants to be anonymous. She is suffering from a serious bowel-disease, resulting that she was unable to take enough nourishment. She is completely exhausted psychical and physical. Now she has come to Halvard to get some energy-transmission. She has been here once and believes that it will help her.

He shows his Healing on her - putting his hands carefully down on her shoulders - that's all - it seems like that.

- I can feel something happening with me, so the woman tells me.
- It feels like when you have had a leg, which has been grown numb, and the blood starts streaming again. A pricking feeling with unexpected movements of the muscles. But it is beneficial.

After a few minutes its over.

I ask Halvard what he is able to help people with.

- I don't know how far I can go. But I know by experience that people has become much better if not quite well from catarrh in the large intestine, migraine, sciatica, lumbago and several other problems. It has of course happened that I have not been able to do anything.
- Would you say that - if you believe hard enough everything will be ok?
- I don't know. But does that really matter? If people get cured just because they believe strongly in me, nothing is better than that. It is not what kind of treatment you have that counts, but the results - that people get cured.
- Increasing the quality of the patient's life must be the purpose of any treatment. And remember it is no bad side effects by using this treatment. I think that is very important.

So Halvard Nordfjaeran tells me and gets ready to receive his next patient.

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