Halvard has healing hands

Mary, Halvard Nordfjaeran, John, Kari and Ole, all can smile satisfied after successful treatment.

04 - Oppland Arbeiderblad, December 31. 1985.

About a year ago Halvard Nordfjaeran moved to Valdres from Toensberg. But he did not arrive with two empty hands. It was a pair of Healing hands.

An interview that Oppland Arbeiderblad made with him at that time led to a lot of telephones from people with different kind of problems who wanted to come and visit him. He has not had a lack of patients, and the most of them who have wanted help have got some and got rid of their problems.

We met some of his patients the other day at Nordfjaeran's home in Bjoergo. Everyone of them had experienced a wonder during their treatment. Now we will let the patients themselves tell how the treatments were.

Kari and Ole from Odnes is someone who got good help of Halvard in Bjoergo. Kari has been bothered of anxiety and has been visiting psychical departments. In several years she has been bothered with angina and had to stop and rest several times when she went shopping. One of her leg is also a little bit longer than the other. She could feel this especially when she had been standing for a while.
- One point is that I never dared go shopping alone. Ole just had to follow me. The anxiety of meeting other people were so strong so everything inside me just tied together. I was often shivering in my hands so I was unable to hold my own cup of coffee. If I went with my husband to Dokka he could not leave the car so long so he could pay his petrol. I was scared to death of everything, especially of being alone or meeting other people.

After a few visits to Halvard the anxiety-symptoms disappeared and now I feel like an ordinary healthy human. The problems with my angina has also been consicerable reduced. Now I go shopping happily on my own, without anxiety or any rests. It is quiet marvellous. And besides my legs are now of the same size.

Is able to scratch his own neck.

Ole who had had his own truck up to twelve years ago. Got some problems with his neck, so much so he had to stop working.
- The whole neck felt like locked. And I felt the problems spred down the left arm. And in the last years I have not been able to raise my left hand at all. And now I can scratch my own neck.

I also had a constant headache. I ate around 100 muscle-relaxing-pills per month for eight years. In the beginning I visited several doctors, but noone could help, so I gave up. Physical treatments only helped during the treatment.

In september I started to get treatments by Halvard, and after two treatments the feeling came back in my left arm. After thirteen treatments I am so good so I can hardly believe it. I am quiet well now. But it is only a pity that I am growing to old.

Arthritis-pains disappeared.

John from Hov had arthritis. His pain has been violent because of this for the last 12-15 years.

- It is about 50 m from my house and to the mailbox. At the worst I could use up to one hour stumping along this short road to and from. If I was supposed to rise from a chair I had to take a good hold in the table and break me up. I could not think of sitting with crossed legs, and when I walked I made "ski-tracks" in the snow. I was unable to lift my feet.

After 15 treatments I am quiet a new human being. My arthritis-pain is almost gone. I seldom take any pain-killers. And the trip to the mailbox is done in five minutes, without my stick.

John now demonstrate how he is able to cross his legs easily and the rising from the chair is no longer any problem.

- I have to thank Halvard and his treatments for many things. It is a wonder- as simple as that.

The bleeding stopped.

Helen from Torpa also experienced a wonder. She had violent gynaecological bleedings which seemed impossible to stop.

- I called Halvard Nordfjaeran- and it was quiet unbelievable, before I had put down the phone after the conversation, the bleedings had stopped. After this I had three treatments and have had no broblems since.

Nordfjaeran explains this phenomen this way that he used the same method as for stopp bleeding. A method which has been inherited in his family for many generations. He had learned this himself from one of his relatives.

Became as before.

But one of the strangest things that has happened during a treatment by Halvard Nordfjaeran is something which happened to Mary from Bjoergo. After a violent cardiac infarction, which she recovered fairly good from, she was sent to Gjoevik Hospital around two months later. This time not only with cardiac infarction but also a cerebral haemorrhage. This made her left side from the head and down completely paralysed. Her husband got a message from the hospital to come and take the last farwell with his wife. They thought she could not survive. Great were their surprise, both the doctors and her husband the next day, Mary seemed to recover. She recognised her husband. The doctors ment a wonder must heve happened. What the doctors did not know was that a visitor who everyone thought was one of her closest relatives, realy was Halvard Nordfjaeran. He worked with Mary for four hours, who already after a short while showed signs of recovering.

After two weeks in the hospital she could go home, almost well. She has no symptoms of having had either cardiac infarction nor cerebral haemorrhage. She is living a normal life with her daily shopping-trips. We can add to the same story that during the stay at the hospital Mary was up walking already after four days. Then she had had three treatments by Halvard.

The pain in the hip disappeared.

One of Nordfjaeran's patients don't want to tell her name, but also to her something strange happened.

She tells us that she had violent problems with her hip after a thigh-bone-fracture. She has now got the possibility of taking a hip-operation, but she does not know if it is necessary.

After the treatment in Bjoergo the pain has gone, and she is acting almost normally. The stick, of which she has been dependent on for years, she now often forgets. She has no use of it any more.
The healing is a part of god's plan.

There is only a few who have this healing ability. In Norway this has always been looked upon as mysticism and wonders. Several people have been looked upon as quaks in this business. Halvard Nordfjaeran has now bought his own place in Bjoergo, where he has arranged with possibilities of stay-over for patients who have to travel long distances coming to him.

As for his Healing-abilities Nordfjaeran quotes one english Spititual Healer:
All real Spititual Healing is Spiritual power, cosmic love, which work through us. Healing is a part of God's plan with us human. When the Spiritual power can work, the finest things may happen. It is God who works through me, and he has no limitation. Only a few have the Healing ability, but everyone have the possibility of receiving the power of Healing, if they only are open for it.

- This is the word of the englishman, it could as well been mine. I will add the following: What you do against other will come in return to yourself, good or bad. It can take some time, but it never fails.

- The reaction of the patients who get treatment by me is quiet different. It can be felt like heat, coldness or deep relaxing. The most of them feel warmness. Reactions like growing numb, stiffness or more pain can also exist. It is also individual how many treatments you need, dependent on how long time you have had the problems, but usual it is enough with 6-12 treatments. So Nordfjaeran ends his explanation.


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