Warm hands are healing in Leira

03 - Oppland Arbeiderblad, November 24. 1984

Nordfjaeran maintains to have given at least 100 persons the same size of their legs. The woman here is Margrethe from Fagernes who is being treated. The difference of her legs before the treatment was 1,4 cm. Afterwards they were of the same size.


Is healing a possibility when ordinary treatment fails?

Halvard Nordfjaeran is the name of a man of 26 years who comes from Frosta in Troendelag. A few days ago he moved to Valdres and started working as a Spiritual Healer.

Nordfjaeran is a serious young man who has worked as a Spiritual Healer in two years. He can tell us about several patients who have been cured by him. They suffered from diseases, which the ordinary doctors not were able to cure. He has treated some cases of cancer, which were incurable, with good results. And many have got a better life quality after having some treatments by Halvard's warm hands.

He has now started working in Leira. Here he has an office with an adjoining waiting room. And people have arrived with all sorts of problems already from the opening of his office. He gets letters from far away asking for help. To give these a possibility to come to him Nordfjaeran is now building two small apartments close to his office. Here the patients and if necessary their family can stay during the treatments, which usually takes a few days.

On our question about if he believes in his unusual gift he answers:

- The only explanation is that God is behind all this. I am quiet sure about that.

Stopping blood in the sixth generation.
It all started four years ago when a man, 84 years old and a cousin of my mother, told me how to stop bleedings. He told me that I was the sixth generation in our family who had learned this. He lended me a book of "Marcello Haugen", and this I found very inspiring. The experience of how my new possibility acts I soon learned. It has been several violent bleedings, which I have managed to stop.

- I especially remember a man from Porsgrunn who had lived a long life with his haemophilia. After only a few treatments he was well. This was two years ago, and this man is now living a normal life.

He tells us he can stop bleedings by distance too. It is enough that he gets the information by telephone and then he asks for a bit of silence.

- By telepathy I can stop the bleeding. This concerns all kind of bleedings, internal and external.
Different kind of professions.

Nordfjaeran had different other professions earlier. He says he did not quiet fit in any place, and now he can see the reason. His last work was at Jarlsoe Fabrics in Toensberg. He started there two years after he "took over" the stopping of the bleeding.

- While I worked there I suddenly got some pain in my ankle, so I had to stop my physical training. After a few days I would try to treat myself. I sat down in my sofa and held my hand over the hurting place.

I could immediately feel energy flowing out of my hands and already the day after I was able to run without any problems. But I treated myself for a week before the ankle became good.

After this I tried my treatments on some of my relatives. But as you know - it is hard to become a prophet in your own home place. I could soon notice that.

A working colleague had had some problems with his neck and shoulders for a long time. He had had 36 treatments with a physiotherapeutic without any help. I asked him if I could treat him, and after 35 minutes he was well. And it has kept that way since.

This led to that he got this man's family as patients and then it all started. When this news were known at his work some of the other colleagues also asked for treatments and stopped joking about Halvard's warm hands.

From July 1982 he has worked with Spiritual Healing on a full time basis, and he is not short of work.

All kind of sickness.

- The experience so far is that around 80 percent of my clients are responding to Spiritual Healing. Most of them become completely cured and someone becomes better. I have come to this conclusion and in England they have made some examination and came to the same conclusion. In England Spiritual Healing is more approved than in Norway.

But if the results shall be good, the whole treatment has to be taken. The most usual is 4-10 treatments, but if the sickness has lasted for some time, the need of more treatments is often necessary.

All kinds of sickness can be treated this way and there are several examples of that Spiritual Healing are working very well.

Nordfjaeran refers to an English examination where 175 healing-patients were asked. One fourth of them gave the answer of being completely cured, one fourth almost cured and one fourth said that they now were able to stand their sickness more easily. The rest had experienced some improvement but had stopped their treatment for one reason or another.

Pricking feeling.

According to this English examination you don't have to feel anything during a healing-treatment as a sign of that something is happening. But never the less 96 percent felt something. There were big variation in how they experienced the treatment and several of they had many different feelings.

The feelings were warmness, deep relaxing, tickling, coldness, spontaneous movements and even distaste. The most of them felt warmness. Some felt sleepy, recharging, stiffness or more pain and other felt nothing - but they still felt better after the treatment.Healing does not hurt.

- I have now treated patients in about ten public hospitals here in the country. These are patients who have asked for it themselves. And I have never got no from any doctor at a hospital. Because it is commonly acknowledged that Spiritual Healing cannot hurt. None have ever been able to prove that.

You don't have to believe in this to get any successful treatment. That has been proved many times. But I still believe that it is an advantage to meet a patient who is arriving with an open mind and are well disposed towards the treatment.

Letters about Spiritual Healing.

Halvard Nordfjaeran shows us a lot of letters where people are thanking him and telling their healing. Nordfjaeran has one trump card and that are some x-rays taken of a shoulder belonging to a woman from Horten, who he treated for her calcification in her shoulder. She took some x-rays of this shoulder at the hospital in Horten just before the treatment. And she took some new about four months later. The x-rays then showed that the calcification were gone. And so were the pain, in the journal from the doctor he had no explanation of what had happened.

A woman from Salangen in Nordland had cancer in her back and was sent home from the hospital - no hope. She got treatments and the letter from her friends tell that she is living in the best of health with red cheeks and is having her daily trip on bicycle shopping.

He has several letters telling about people cases of prolapse in their back. They have become considerably better.

A woman from Hoenefoss had a growing heart, which now is quiet normal. She is writing: "It is good to know that it is some help to get when the doctor cannot do anything more."

In Leira Nordfjaeran has treated a woman from Bagn against gallstone. She is telling that she is feeling very well and is very enthusiastic.

A woman from Porsgrunn was bothered of nerves and anxiety. She was in an institution for six year before the treatment by Halvard. After 13 treatments she is cured: "Now I feel very well, I have, believe it or not, learned how to drive a car as well."

A girl, 16 months from Toensberg, - a serious case of cerebral palsy - has gradually become better, so her mother is writing in her letter. The girl had seven treatments and now she is standing on her feet and is active. She has become so well so she has no need of any technical equipment.

No superman.

Halvard Nordfjaeran says:

- You don't have to visit any office or assembly rooms to have Spiritual Healing-treatments. That can happen anytime, anywhere and with anyone because God is everywhere.
- I am just an ordinary human being who has got these possibilities. I don't look upon myself as a superman, I am only glad being able to help other people.

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