I am a transformer of energy

20 "Valdresen" 30 November 1995

Photo: Healer Halvard Nordfjæran in action during a demonstration in Fagernes on Tuesday. The audience sat in a circle and held hands while Nordfjæran went around and placed a hand on each of them in turn.

Afterwards, the woman showed us that she could bend her knee more than before her treatment.

Halvard Nordfjæran:

On Tuesday, Halvard Nordfjæran from Aurdal demonstrated his powers at Fagernes Hotel. There were 25 people there - 22 took part in treatments while 2 reporters and a doctor sat on the sideline.

It was an unusual evening in the hotel's big congress hall. The room was quiet, only soft music was heard while Halvard Nordfjæran gave those present a demonstration of his warm hands - or the energy he says he has the power to transfer to his patients.

Nordfjæran is not a talkative person so his introduction was brief. He asked his audience to place their chairs in a circle and hold hands thus enabling the energy to circulate. He asked everybody to relax, breathe deeply and forgets everyday stress - he then went around and let each participant feel the warmth or energy in his hands.

Special situation

The atmosphere and the situation were special. Among the 20 people in the circle were five or six who knew Nordfjæran from earlier treatments. For the others he was unknown - some were seeking help, some were curious. These were witness to an actual treatment situation - soft music, a meditative mood and two newspaper reporters "disrupting" the peaceful atmosphere.

Thus passed the first hour. Hardly a word was said while Nordfjæran slowly walked around the circle. He held each participant for a moment or two - on the forehead, the shoulder, and the chest. The only interruption in the first phase was when Nordfjæran had to change the tape in the cassette player.

Felt heat

During a pause, several of those "Valdres" spoke to tell that they felt heat while they sat in the ring. They insisted that they felt more heat than is natural in human hands. Several told that they felt the heat in the circle increase when Nordfjæran approached them. It was warmest for the person he was touching and then decreased as he moved away. Others said they didn't notice anything special.

After the break, Nordfjæran asked if there were any of the people present who had particular problems and, if so, were they interested in individual treatments. A woman from Akershus, who wished to remain anonymous, moved to the middle of the ring. She suffered from arthritis, which was easily visible in her hands. She demonstrated also that one knee was so stiff that she couldn't bend it properly. One of the others examined her knee and confirmed that it felt stiff. Nordfjæran put on some more music, sat on a stool and put his hands on her knee. He sat thus for approximately 30 minutes.

Afterwards, the woman showed us that she could bend her knee more than before her treatment.

I expected to be warm but instead I felt cold. I have an especially sore spot on my leg and it felt as if he pulled out that spot. I think it looks promising, she said. She told us that she had never been to a healer before.


Everybody has, more or less, healing powers. The energy is "in us" all the time. Healers are special because they have the ability to transform the power and pass it on. This energy loosens up blockages in the body. I can pass on much more energy than is natural in the body, says Nordfjæran.

-What is this energy?

-This is the power of life, which is necessary for our existence. I transform this energy.

-Do you think this power comes from God? Do you use prayer to evoke this power?

-Yes, I believe it comes from God. The energy is there and available to everybody. For me God is Love.

-There is only one religion - the religion of love. But I don't need to pray to bring forth the energy. It flows regardless.

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