Spiritual Healer Visits Nittedal

Photo: It's not difficult to see the 1-½ cm difference in leg length before the treatment, but Varingen's reporters can't swear that the difference is gone after a few minutes on the couch. Halvard Nordfjæran breathes deeply and concentrates on making Elisabeth's left leg the same length as the right one.

18 Varingen - 20 January 1993

After carefully walking around the room, Elisabeth feels more and more sure that something has happened to her leg. A few minutes later she feels that the pains in her pelvic region are considerably reduced.

It was pure coincidence that a healer visited Nittedal the day after Norwegian television aired a program criticizing the healing profession. It must be said that healer, Halvard Nordfjæran, who was in Nittedal last weekend and who will return next weekend, made a sympathetic impression. However, Varingen's reporter is still somewhat doubtful about the results of the treatments he witnessed.

Old friendship brought Nordfjæran, who lives in Bjørgo in Aurdal, to Nittedal for two weekends of healing activity. 10 - 12 people called on him last weekend and he will be available for new appointments next
Friday and Saturday.

Halvard Nordfjæran is originally from Trøndelag and says he discovered his healing powers 12 years ago when he had a bad leg. Now he often works with patients with leg-length differences. He insists that he can, without physical energy, stretch the shorter leg so that it reaches the same length as the other leg.

1 ½ cm difference causes pain

One of those who put her faith in Nordfjæran last weekend was Elisabeth from Bærum. Elisabeth had a leg-length difference of 1 ½ cm. This was confirmed by an x-ray. This difference has caused Elisaabeth great problems and despite 100 physiotherapy treatments and built-up shoes she has suffered chronic pain in various degrees of severity. The length difference has also resulted in pelvic instability. She is a member of the Organization for Women with Pelvic Problems - problems that are often experienced by women during pregnancy.

Unexplainable powers

I have no doubts about visiting a healer because I have experienced that unexplainable powers can heal, says Elisabeth.

So that others can share in the procedure, she agrees to let Varingen's reporters be present during the treatment thus to confirm that Nordfjæran is not a humbug maker or swindler.

Agree on difference

After greeting Nordfjæran, a man in his 30's, Elisabeth sits on a chair and stretches her legs out in front of her. He sees at once that her right leg is shorter than the left one, but to make a more accurate comparison, he asks her to put on a pair of thin, flat-soled shoes. Varingen's reporter has no difficulty in seeing the difference of 1 ½ cm. both while Elisabeth sits on the chair and lies on the couch. So far all three agree.

Doesn't dare blink

Halvard then takes hold of both Elisabeth's feet, breathes deeply and heavily and seems to concentrate totally on her legs. There is complete silence in the room and Varingen's reporter, who has a good view of both foot soles, dares scarcely to blink in fear of missing something. Seconds tick by, and hasn't the difference in length decreased? It can appear so, but the margins are so minimal here that just a small movement can reduce a centimetre and a half to a half centimetre.

Halvard takes a break and answers readily when we ask how he can control that it's the shorter leg that stretches while he's holding both legs? And how he can control when the leg is long enough?

-This is controlled by higher powers, not me. I like to compare it with watering flowers in the summertime. It's the water that gives the plants what they need, not the garden hose.

-Must your patients believe in God to be healed?

-No, that is not a condition. However, they should have a positive attitude although I have actually helped people who have come to me with a negative attitude, answers Halvard quietly.

After a new round with Elisabeth's feet, Varingen's reporter permits himself to ask if there still isn't a visible difference.

-The shortest leg doesn't always stretch right away. In some cases this doesn't happen for a few days or a couple of weeks.

Before Elisabeth puts her feet down on the floor to see if anything has happened, we start talking about the TV program the night before.

Time for proof

I don't mind that people put the spotlight on healing, but I felt that the program lacked the necessary balance. There are, of course, less serious individuals in this branch, too, but can't we others be allowed to show what we can do? Healing is accepted in a completely different way in other countries than in Norway. Isn't it unreasonable that we've been given only six months to show permanent results of our activities?

The people who call on Halvard pay anything from NOK 0, - to 200, -. He feels that everybody should be allowed to choose freely how he wants to spend his money. He can't guarantee results but experiences repeatedly that people get relief from complaints and sicknesses after one or more visits to him.

Less pain

And Elisabeth, what does she feel when she gets up from the couch?

Yes, it feels different in a way. I felt that something happened in my right knee when Halvard held my feet.

After carefully walking around the room, Elisabeth feels more and more sure that something has happened to her leg. A few minutes later she feels that the pains in her pelvic region are considerably reduced.
Go walk around the mall for a few hours and see if there is any difference, smiles Halvard Nordfjæran.
He asks Elisabeth to come back next weekend for a new treatment if necessary. He will also be available for others in the area that would like to try his healing powers.

Understands the patients

Even if Varingen's reporters still are somewhat doubtful, they have no problem understanding the patients who, after repeated disappointment with traditional medical treatments, turn to alternative medicine. They probably would have done the same.

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