Halvard's "Warm Hands"

25 - Stjørdalens Blad, 11 March 1999

It was a terrible time. I had problems breathing and I didn't expect to live until Christmas.

Halvard Nordfjæran from Frosta has helped many Norwegian to a new and better life. Articles about his healing powers have appeared in a number of newspapers and magazines. Despite the fact that he has helped many people there is still some scepticism towards healing. Nordfjæran now lives in Stjørdal where he has helped many.

Nordfjæran discovered his healing powers in 1982 and since then he has had healing as a fulltime occupation.

-Exactly what happens when you treat people?

-You might say that I transfer healing energy. As a healer, I don't offer a medical diagnosis. I don't even need to know what the patient's problems are because healing is a treatment of the whole person - not just the afflicted part.

He adds that many people have a blockage in their system and this puts the body's energy flow out of balance.

-I try to loosen up these blockages so that the body can regain a balance of energy.

-What do the patients experience?

-They can, for example, feel heat from my hands. That is why healers were said to have "warm hands" in the older days. It is, however, just as common for the patient to feel coldness, tingling and dizziness. These symptoms are not side effects, they are passing phenomena. They are a sign that the treatment is working.

Not Necessary to Believe

Healing is an old and tried form of treatment. We find people with healing powers in most known cultures and religions.

-Faith is not a pre-requisite for healing to work. There is much evidence that healing works best on children and animals. In the USA and England, experiments have been done with healing on mice and plants and when healing works on mice one can hardly say it's because mice believe.

-I would also like to point out that I don't use my own energy when I heal people. I receive energy, which spreads, throughout my body. It is this energy I transfer to others through my hands. I could just as well use my feet but that would look strange, he says.

Not Accepted By Everybody

Not everybody accepts healing. Nordfjæran believes that this is due to ignorance.

There is actual documentation that healing works. Extensive research has been done on the subject in both the USA and Great Britain. These tests were done by means of double blind tests, the strictest criteria for research. In Great Britain, healers and doctors work together. Here, healing was given official approval in the 1950's and today many doctors have a healer working in their offices.

-What is the situation in Norway?

-There are also doctors in Norway who realize that healing is not trickery. They agree that what happens is more important than how and why. I have treated many people from the public health service, and in some cases I have had patients who were referred to me by doctors. As a rule, it is people higher up in the system that find it difficult to accept healing as a serious alternative. Doctors are perhaps the greatest sceptics.

Works On Most People

It is believed that approximately 8 of 10 people are receptive to healing.

-What is the worst part of being a healer?

-Accepting that I can't help everybody. Even if I can help most people, there are still about 20% that I can't help.

-And the best?

-Seeing that what I do gives results. Seeing that I can help people live a better life feels good.

Healing Saved My Life

On May 31, 1997, John suffered cardiac arrest. His life was saved with the help of defibrillation but he can only remember one of the three weeks he was hospitalised. Two of the arteries to his heart were damaged. His doctors did everything possible for him but they considered an operation too risky. John was in a considerably reduced condition, both mentally and physically, when he was released from hospital.

It was a terrible time. I had problems breathing and I didn't expect to live until Christmas.

It was his partner's daughter who suggested that he call on Halvard Nordfjæran. She had been helped by Nordfjæran and wanted John to try.

Personally, I had no great expectations. I was so sick and depressed that I was more or less indifferent. But the people around me insisted and I'm grateful for that today, says John.

John visited Nordfjæran and after 2 treatments he noticed no improvement. He felt a little tingling but that was all. After the third treatment however, things really started to happen. The changes happened quickly and were easily visible. There was an enormous improvement in his breathing and today John lives a normal, full life.

I think it's tragic that some people don't believe in healing. It's okay to have different opinions but there is no doubt that Halvard Nordfjæran helped me. My partner and I can't praise him enough. Without his help, I probably wouldn't be alive today, says John.
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